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Hi friends! 
I wanted to introduce you with my erotic artbook project on patreon :)
So, basically you can read the info in my patreon page:

But I wanted to preview what I am doing now so you can decide to support me! :)

This is the mock cover for my artbooks. As you see, the artbooks would split into 2, "Strength" and "Agility"
Both names are based on the RPG status. And yes, my artbook is a medieval fantasy theme. So, if you love playing RPG games, this is your chance to show your love ;)
"Strength" is for manly beast, and "Agility" is for powerful lady ;)
I will draw around 5 or more paintings each months until they are enough for an artbook :)
I need your support so I can lesser my freelance worsk and focus more to draw these artbooks. 
And as for the reward for supporting me on patreon, you can choose to get the psd files of my work, video time lapse, steps progress, and also you can access my patreon only gallery and video tutorial! Double win win! 

Not only that, I have a fun feature on my patreon, which is "Character Dress-Up" and every supporters are invited.

What is Character Dress-Up??

Well, it's something like Character commission raffle. Every end of the month, I will randomly select a lucky supporter to play this game.
This game is a photoshop game, so you need a photoshop.
So, you can custom your own character, there are so many costumes and of course a sexy costumes! In the end, I will draw that character. And this character will be included in the artbook! 
Here is the image on how it works:

And this is your default character will look like, excited? (you can choose a nude option too, but I will make every drawing SFW)

And this is the rewards that you can choose, there are Peasant, Cadet, and Knight! 

So, why wait? Pledge and support me now, because the first 5 "knight" supporter will get to play the "Character Dress-Up" for the beta tester! ;)
Ask me anything! Thank you very much for your support! :D

more info, visit
Hey guys, it's been really long time since I didn't write any journal.
So, here I am.
anyway, I wanted to thank you guys for the supports and appreciation towards my artworks.
I got a daily deviation for the second time around last month I guess, and that means a lot! :D
Here is the daily deviant artwork
When Summer Comes by Ardinaryas
And I am terribly sorry if I can't reply you one by one.

But, to show you my gratefulness, I present you my very first video tutorial. It is my digital painting process with some audio commentary by Me. :)
So, I hope you can learn from this video, and please share it! 
Go check it out

Support me by buying this Sir Doge art prints here:…
Sir Doge by Ardinaryas
Hello :D
I've made some prints and print t-shirt special for singles out there :D

you can buy the prints and t-shirt here:…
It's perfect for a gift to your friend as well :)
Please buy it, and be a happy single :D

don't forget to promote me as well if you have society6 account :D

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Happy new year guys! :D
It's late but never mind, I just went back from an awesome holiday
How's your holiday? Mine was fun, I spent my new year eve in south korea :D :D :D
It's a cool place with kind people! I wanna go there again someday

2013 was something for me, I made some milestones over the 2013. First, I finished my parts in an animation movie :D
Then, I resigned from my work, after that I got a daily deviation in deviantart! After that, I got featured in frontpage of CGhub, and I worked on my first illustration book. 
I think 2013 was good enough for me, but this 2014 will be a better year than 2013. I'll be famous and rich hahaha

anyway, I wanna thank you guys, I have 1433 watchers in deviantart, woooooow. I didn't see that coming! Thank you so much guys :)
Have a good bright day :D


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*edit: it's taken already, thank you very much :)
Hi guys, I saw the promotion today that if you buy 1 premium membership, u will get another 1 for free. 
So, I'm wondering maybe some of you might wanted to trade that 1 premium membership for 1 commission from me :)   
If you do want it, I can give you 1 cartoony commission like these images (a simple color character)
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D by Ardinaryas Brave : Merida by Ardinaryas

if you are interested, you can note me ;)
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Hey guys, few days ago I just got my first Daily Deviant for this…
I'm so exciting and happy. I wanna thank you all for the support :D 
This DD really mean a lot to me, it can be my milestone to get better. 
So yeah, thank you so much :)

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just wanna say heyyy
how are u guys?
Heyaaa guys, I'm backkk
Long time no update journal. haha
So, I just watched hotel transylvania, it was a great movie!
Well, the story was ok for me, but the animation was so so damn cool! I love the expression and the blendshapes
I dont know what kind of rigging they used, lol. but it's really nice
The lighting also really nice.
The film was directed by the same person who direct Samurai Jack and power puff girls, and u still can the feeling of the 2d cartoon. The animation was really oh wow, cant describe it. Too awesome, and I noticed that their expressions are much alike the 2d cartoon feel. :D
I like the music and the soundtrack as well.…
here's the official music video, this song was used for credit ending. And there's 1 more song that I like, cant find it on youtube yet lol, but im sure the title is Zing or something.

I also started my job last month, I worked as lighting artist in an animation company. It's tiring, but I like it. The deadlines are hell. I feel like my university year was nothing compared to working hahaha
So, yeah see u next time :D
Hey guys, I started a new blog yesterday! :D
here is the link:

I will post mostly about my sketches and artwork there :)
So, yeah please take a look!
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Guys, please watch my 3d short animation film :D…;

u can watch my show reel here as well:…
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Hi guys, so I am re-opening my commisssion work now :D
It's really cheap with only 15 USD , and you will get the A4 Size of the original arts!
here is the sample of the style you will get: (I'll put more later)

Brave : Merida by Ardinaryas

how to order and pay? what is the rule? You can refer to this :… (the package lists from the link is not valid)
note: adding 1 characater will be +5 USD

So, if u have anything to ask, just put it into the comment section :D
thank you! :D
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Hi, I just wanna show u guys my first show reel :D
it consist of my digital painting, 3d model, and 3d animation

here is the link:…!

There are some scenes of my 3D short film "Stargazer" too... I will upload "Stargazer" after I graduate, which will be around 3 weeks from now, so see u around :D
Thanks for viewing! :D
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Hi guys, it's been a long time since I updated my journal...
So, how u guys doing?

I just wanna let u guys know about my final project of my last semester degree in my university, it's called "Stargazer"
The main character is an elf, e little elf, which actually an earthlings type (maybe only me understand this lol)
So, he really like to watch the star and stargazing every night until he found out that the stars has some patterns...

So, I've been doing the production since End of January 2012, now I'm still in animation production. I hope next week can be rendered in render farm :D
By the way, I've been really busy with this final project, so I closed my Commission. Lucky, I still can watch avenger for 2 times lol. but now, I have to continue on my animation, so I cant watch recnt movies. But the sure thing, I have to watch Brave :O :o it looks epic, i hope...

Oh yeah, I'll be uploading my short film in youtube. So, I'll update more on this

So, thanks for reading this and see you in another journal :D
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hi guys, wassup? I wanted to share the new about the World Inverse contest held by :iconfutarinokizuna:
the prize is
1st  ---  1000 :points: , feature on my journal , 1 coloured art of your choice
2nd ---  500 :points:, feature on my journal, 1 detailed b/w art of your choice
3nd ---  250 :points: , feature on my journal , 1 lineart oc your choice
And last but not least, 5 honorable mentions will get a 100:points: !

so please check it here:…
and she open commission too, so check it out! :)

and dont forget I open my commission too, check here:…
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hi guys, wassup :D

I was tagged by :iconukiqio: Thanks for letting me know how to be tagged :XD:

Here's the rules

1->You must post these rules (VERY Important )
2->Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3->Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4->You have to choose 10(HECK NO! Five!) people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5->Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
6->No tag backs
7->No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You legitimately (AKA, really, truly with all honesty) have to tag 10(FIVE!) people

1. Please tell me 5 things you can't live without.
-Computer, Internet, Music, drawing, comfortable room lol

2. Who is your most favorite hero / heroine? Why?
-I like all characters but for this question, I will pick random mermaid in pirates of carribbean lol, does she counted as a heroine?

3. If you could be a superhero, what kind of super power that you want to have?
-I will choose time controlling, coz would be awesome if I can speed up time lol

4. Which one would you choose: phoenix, unicorn, fawn or mermaid? Why?
-definitely Mermaid!!! <3 <3 <3 simply exotic

5. Are you a vegetarian or want to be vegetarian?
-no, but I like vegetables :P

6. What is your most embarrassing childhood experience?
-watching titanic with my parents, and they will cover my eyes with their hand when the xxx scenes play. lol, it's not really embarrassing though, it was funny! :XD:

7. Do you believe if Santa Claus really exist?
-of course not, lol. I even didn't make a wish to santa lol

8. Mountain or beach?

9. What thing that you really want to do before die?
-produce some good artworks that people will appreciate it :)

10. If there's parrot, dog, tiger, sheep and cat, which one would bring you the bad news, and which one
would bring you the good news?
-tiger for bad news, it will attack me, and dog for good news, because it will save me lol :D :D :D

10 facts about me:
1. I actually dont like this kind of tag, but i dont know why I do this T.T
2. I like Final Fantasy series
3. I'm opening commission now :P
4. I can't sleep before 12pm, or at least 3am, then I can feel sleepy -.-
5. I like to draw :D
6. I can't work if I work together with friend, usually we would talk much and do less lol
7. I like instant noodle, and I like all foods, as long as it spicy I think XD
8. I like to see fashion or any trend, but I dont apply it to me, but I apply it to my drawing :P
9. I like beautiful people, so if the main character in the movie or film is not good looking, I would ignore it :P except for a good story.
10. I'm more into 3d animation now but still love digital painting and 2d animation

These are questions from me:
1. What is your favorite 3d animated movie?
2. Who is your favorite artist?
3. Who is your favorite singer?
4. How many times you check your inbox in DA and facebook?
5. How many times you update your status in facebook and twitter? lol
6. Which one you prefer, money or skill?
7. What is your favorite tool in photoshop? :XD:
8. Do you like this tag? lol
9. What will you do in a long holiday?
10. What will you do after you graduate from university???

Those questions are for:
:iconb-freak-xd:   :iconadeshark:
:iconholymoon:     :iconkalath666:
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Hi guys! wassup?
So, I finally play final fantasy 14
it was fun and cool! I like the environment, I just play when I have free time and my free time is really rare lol. So, I have chance to play more on this short holiday! yeayyyy
I like the gameplay, it is turn based system, so it is kinda slow, but really interesting :D
so, anyone of you guys playing FF 14? U can add me
my nick is Stoneth Bronzehart and im in Wutai server :)

See ya in Eorzea :D :D :D
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  • Playing: would play FF 14 soon :)
Hi, finally I open my first commission! yeaaaay!!! :D
Thank you for you guys that helped me :)
So, please support my commission
If there is something you want to ask about commission, just ask me :)
I open for 3 slots now :)


By registering, it means you must follow the rules that we setup for you. Breaking any rules may put you into the blacklist and decline your commission!
Commission rules:
There are some rules that you must accept as a commissioner

1. Please send me a note with the form that I give below if you want to ask for commission.
2. I will give you the sketch first, then you can give me your suggestion to edit, then if you confirm, I can continue to finish it. No suggestion after you confirm please.
3. I will give you the original size which is around A3 or less after you make final payment.
4. The money must be paid in the front (half of the total prices). As soon as I PM you, saying that I have accepted your commission, you must send the half payment, and then send the other half when I finished your commission. (Please send me a note every time when you have transferred the money)
5. The duration of my work is kind of random. Sometime if I was too busy, It can be slow, but I will try my best to do your commission
6. All those prices are for personal order only, no commercial usage, please PM me if you are going to use it for commercial usage, and we'll discuss it further in the PM.
7. I have the right to publish and use the artwork that I've done for commission.
8. NO REFUND! All the commissions that have been accepted are not allowed for refund request.

How to Pay:
International Paypal :
The money must paid in half in the front, and don't pay before I accept your request
If there is some point that is not clear, you can send me a note to ask.
I would probably update the rules and others again someday.

Fill the submission form below and send it to Note or email along with the subject :  Commission Request.

Commission Form

Name: (Deviant ID)
E-mail: (your PayPal email)
Commission Package: see below
Number of characters:
Simple description about your character:
Background Of Choice: (Simple/Medium/Decent/None)
Link for reference from your data:
Link for reference from my gallery: (picking up the style you want from my gallery)
Visible in Deviantart: (Yes/No)
Title Request: (Your commission title/None)
Estimated Deadline: (Add a reasonable deadline*/None)

We prefer to send the data Via Note to prevent losing data from email.

Package list:

1. Disney Style

1 character without BG: $15 USD
1 character with BG: $30 USD
Less than 3 with BG: $70 USD
Mermaid's tangled tale by Ardinaryas   Kingdom Hearts Untangled by Ardinaryas : example of Less than 3 with BG

2. Onepiece or Fairytail style

1 character without BG: $15 USD
1 character with simple BG: $30 USD
Less than 5 with BG: $60 USD
Onepiece Trumpet Swamp by Ardinaryas  : example of Less than 5 with BG
CG style with simple BG: $50 USD
Sharp eye Zoro by Ardinaryas : example of CG style with simple BG

3. Original Character  

1 character without BG: $15 USD SPECIAL OFFER
Less than 5 without BG: $25 USD
1 character with simple BG: $20 USD SPECIAL OFFER
Less than 5 with BG: $55 USD
Commission: Falling Snow by Ardinaryas   Commission: Demon Flames by Ardinaryas    Commision : Charlotte by Ardinaryas

4. Mature content

I can draw adult stuff, but I will not upload it to DA, it can be yuri or yaoi too.
Less than 3 characters with simple BG: $50 USD
Less than 3 characters with BG: $75 USD
You can choose the styles from above
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Hey guys! What's up?
I just watched Captain America yesterday. It was awesome ^^,
at least it's different from any other superhero movies :D
I like the Peggy, she is awesome, I like the this kind of heroine. She can be useful in a battle
I like the scene where she shot the car in the beginning. It was cool!!!

So, if u haven't watched it, go watch it! it is a worth to watch!
btw, I will have my first class at this new semester tomorrow. I think this semester will be more challenging than last semester...(last semester was hard also)
I'll do my best for 3d short film for this semester :)

oh yeah, I'll open my commission soon, the information regarding this will be on next journal
Thanks :D
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Hello, how are u?
I'm fine lol
I just watched megamind yesterday, it was fun and awesome film
I wonder how they made it, haha. And I still get many films to watch, Harry Potter, tangled, red, what next?
It has been 1 semester since I updated this journal, haha
I don't know what to write,
btw, I think I would open commission, does anybody interested?
haha, but I haven't make any paypal account, it is kinda hard and complicated in the process to make 1 account here.
so, if I made one, I will update my journal :)
see ya! ^^
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  • Watching: disney and ghibly movies a lot (inspiring me lol)
  • Eating: makanan berminyak, ugh
  • Drinking: minerl water is the best ever!
Hi all!
Thanks for reading my journal!
Finally! after all this time, I updated my journal. lol
Yes, I was so busy. I've just finished my semester 2, and I will be on sem 3 in next 2 months. :)
So, I'm sorry if I didn't reply any comments.

I'm really grateful to what happened in sem 2. I feel like my skill is improving now. :)
I had 6 classes in sem 2. Animation class, conceptual class, drawing class, multimedia class, film structure class, and English class. From all 6 classes, I got 6 final project and many assignments! lol
for animation, I had to produce 1 short film with my group. But, the main problem was I and my group didn't have much time, we finished the animation in about 9 days! It was all because of our schedule. T.T...I didn't have enough sleep on that 9 days...
for conceptual, I had to make 1 story book, the story must be original and based from Bali. I had a trip to Bali on sem2 to researched for this book and it wasn't cheap. T.T.  The story book has 30 pages, 15 digital painting and 15 pages. The sad thing was the lecturer wanted a good, great, nice artwork but he didn't teach us how to produce a great artwork. He should teach us how to make a nice composition, lighting, etc. The facts was he taught us just the simple background, with the bad color, lighting, and composition. Just like animation background but worse than it should be.

For, multimedia class, I made 1 matte painting for poster! The theme was 1 Malaysia, and it was hard to searched all the images I needed (because I'm foreigner here, lol)

For drawing class, produced 1 scenery drawing only :)
for film structure, I produced 1 short film using a handycam, but I had to direct it with professional.
And for English class, I don't know why there is an English class in animation major. this module is not related at all, but it helped me improve my presentation skill. :)
The final for this class was an exam. lol,  didn't study for this, and I don't know the result yet. hahaha

In each semester, it should be 15 weeks, but my class extended the sem 2 until week 17, because of the too many works. lol
So, Thanks for reading, that's all my experience in semester 2. See ya! :)